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“The team at Push The Envelope is top notch.  I can always count on them for great product that is on trend.  We are in constant contact with PTE and my door is always open to meet for live desk side meetings”  - People

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"I have been fortunate enough to work with Sabrina and the PTE staff for many years, and they are always so easy going. They are quick, reliable, and always have what I need—they are especially great at getting me samples when I’m in a bind at the last minute. I know that no matter what story I'm working on, they’ve got me covered!" -Redbook

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“The PTE team is always on it.  When I have last minute call ins I know they represent brands that will be a fit and I know they will always get me samples on time.  They know my reader and our brand’s style and are constantly delivering on trend and shoot worthy pieces”  - Good Housekeeping

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“I have worked with the Push The Envelope team on many of my television segments.  With an offering of innovative, new to the market and stylish brands, PTE always comes through for me with accuracy, speed and special care.  PTE has made sourcing my television segments a breeze and is not only my go-to for products to share with viewers, but a valuable resource to see what’s new on the market”  - NBC Television

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"Working with PTE has been easy from the get-go. they’re always fast to respond, willing to go the extra mile, and make their clients' products look and sound as fantastic as they are. It's great to work with a PR agency who takes the time to individually meet with you to talk products instead of being sent a mass email. pte is a pleasure to work with!" -Byrdie

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“I love working with the Push The Envelope Team!  They’re ultra-professional, speedy and a joy to deal with!” -Woman’s World

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"Working with the Push the Envelope team always feels like a breath of fresh air. Not only are they all on top of their game with immediate responses, top notch service and open communication, but they also have a heart of gold. They are true lovers of the products and clients they represent which in turn makes me fall in love with each concept they propose."

-women’s health